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Group Classes

Beginner Group Class

If you are a true beginner, we strongly recommend that you begin with an Intro Pack of 3 Private Lessons before joining a small group class. The Intro Pack will familiarize you with the apparatus and introduce you to basic Pilates terms and exercises and your Instructor will be able to help direct you to the best class for you!

Beginner Group Classes are geared toward those who are new to the Apparatus, new to Pilates in general, recovering from an injury or just looking to move at a slow and concentrated pace. These classes will help you learn Pilates principles and exercises so that you are comfortable working in a group setting. Classes might be for Beginners but they are powerful and you will feel your workout as a reward for your efforts!

Group Classes

Intermediate Group Class

Most of our Group Classes tend to be Intermediate Classes as the majority of our clients fall into this very broad range. Intermediate Classes make up individuals who are familiar and comfortable with the Pilates Apparatus and have a general knowledge of the basic Pilates terms and exercises. Your instructor will be able to guide you whether you are a new Intermediate student or whether you’ve had years experience. You will continue to learn the Pilates principles and deepen your Pilates practice!
Group Classes

Advanced Group Classes

Advanced Group Classes are primarily for clients who’ve had many years experience in either Private Instruction or classes and have a broad knowledge of Pilates apparatus and exercises. Generally speaking, those attending Advanced Classes don’t have any limiting injuries or need to modify exercises.
Group Classes

Private Group Classes

“Private” Group Classes are available for three or more participants and are a fun way to schedule a private gathering or party among friends, family, neighbors or co-workers! Private Group Classes are entirely customizable based on interest, ages, skill ranges and abilities of participants. For more information on Private Group Classes please email